I craft beautiful, functional websites that reflect your vision and enhance your brand. If you are just starting out to launch your business or wish to optimize and redesign your current website, my packages provide exceptional value for anyone looking to grow online.

Consider my website maintenance plans to keep your existing site secure and updated.

COVID-19 Support: For a limited time, I am providing convenient payment plans and discounted rates for businesses that have been affected by covid-19. Get in touch with your requirements and let's discuss how I can help!

Premium Website

  • Everything in Starter Website
  • Up to 5 more webpages including forms
  • Detailed branding guideline 
  • Blog creation, setup and styling
  • Social Media, Newsletters setup
  • 1 Year Hosting, optional ($150 value)

The above estimates are based on a WordPress, Shopify or Squarespace website with minimal customization. I will provide you with upfront pricing once I get to understand your requirements fully. There are no recurring charges unless otherwise agreed upon. For smaller projects and one-off tasks, I quote hourly at the rate of $65 / hour.

* For Shopify websites, the subscription fees charged by Shopify are not included in my quote. 




Web Design Questions

Will my website design be unique?
User experience is an important factor for any website. Design comes second. If even the most beautiful website lacks this, then it’s worthless. Will your website be unique? Yes and No. Yes, because it will be created with you and your target audience in mind. It will be tailored to your needs, reflect your brand and look good in the process. No, because web design should not be very unique like art. If users don’t find what they are looking for quickly, they will leave. So it’s better to use conventional designs rather than unique-one-of-a-kind design. I prefer to work with the design elements that users expect to see on a website when they browse through. That makes it easy for them and will give you more conversions. I will make sure you get a well designed website that is consistent throughout, giving a positive user experience and ease of navigation.
How are your rates so affordable?
It takes a village to develop a website! Well, of course not, but depending on the complexity of the project, there can be a team of designers and developers involved which can push up the costs. My rates are priced with minimal overheads. As and when needed, I am able to get support from my off-shore team. And well, that is a good thing because it makes it more affordable for you and theres only one person you have to deal with.
Will I be able to edit the content?
Have you heard of WordPress? Its the most popular CMS out there with jaw dropping statistics of over 74 million sites being powered by it! Isn’t that awesome? Well trust me, its great and I use WordPress for most of my projects. For most part, you will be able to edit the content of your website easily. If you prefer that I do it instead, thats okay too. But if you decide to handle it yourself, I do provide a quick training session and tutorials to help you through the process.
What about support and maintenance?

Don’t worry. I won’t leave you high and dry after the work has been completed. I believe in making long lasting relations and I’ll treat you exactly the way I want to be treated. Happy clients makes me happy! Head over to the maintenance page to see how I can help care for your site on an on-going basis.