Manasi Gokhale – Freelance Web Designer

Hello and welcome. I am Manasi, the face behind BloomingWorks. Born and raised in India, I moved to Canada in 2009. Now I live with my family in beautiful North Vancouver, we all love to call home!

In 2015, I left my full-time position as a web developer with a local credit union. I strived for better work-life balance and although I was juggling work and home, I wasn’t happy. I wanted the option to set my own hours, so I can have adequate time for my family when they needed me. It was a difficult decision, but it turned out to be the right one. For a year after that, I freelanced as a web designer / web developer for one of Vancouver’s top marketing agency, before switching to BloomingWorks full time.

Professionally I am a web developer, but I love to design. I am also fond of singing, reading biographies, hiking and yoga. In my free time, I am usually reading or spending time with my two boys. Thanks for stopping by!

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